Plesk Ext WordPress Toolkit Mthly

WordPress Toolkit allows server administrators, resellers and customers to manage their WordPress instances, enabling a variety of development workflows for WordPress admins of all skill levels, from beginners to pros.


  • A single point of WordPress management for server adminstrators, resellers and customers
  • Centralized installation, activation, update and removal of WordPress plugins and themes
  • Automatic and manual update of WordPress instances
  • Selective securing of WordPress instances
  • Cloning of WordPress instances
  • Flexible synchronization of changes in files and databases between WordPress instances
  • Management of WordPress debug options
  • Management of WordPress search engine indexing
  • Support for APS and non-APS instances
  • Server-wide WordPress management for server administrator


WordPress Toolkit is free for the owners of Plesk Web Pro and Plesk Web Host editions. If you have Plesk Web Admin edition, this extension needs to be purchased separately.

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